FAS was established in 1999 by the agriculturist Mihail Vassilios, based on a longtime experience in the field of agricultural products trading.

The company operates on seed breeding and production of a wide range of seeds like wheats, barleys, oats, triticales, alfalfas, common vetches, chickpeas, lentils etc.

For each variety we trade, we have obtained the royalties. FAS cooperates with the Hellenic Cereal Institute and has attached contracts with foreign breeding companies like CO.SE.ME. and ISEA.

Additionally, FAS is the administrator, for the Greek market, of the sunflower hybrids and soyabean varieties of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops of Novi Sad which is one of the top European institutes on its field due to the innovating methods of breeding.

FAS is also involved in corn production by administrating, for the Greek market, the corn hybrids of PLANTA which are produced in Italy. 

Furthermore, FAS is the only administrator , for Eastern Europe, of the specialized fertilizers of the Spanish company Nutrindal. These are some special products for fertigation and foliar application. The research for these fertilizers is made by the company as it consists of commendable scientists who work on the field of fertilizing.

Finally, in collaboration with well-known companies, FAS imports and trades a wide range of seeds for livestock production and forage mixtures.

The continuing ascending course of FAS reflects its solvency which is connected with its high quality products, its services and its executives.

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