Special product with Amino acids, calcium and boron

WAMIN-CA is a formulation with highly specific aminoacids complexed with calcium in complex form and to organic Boron that makes WAMIN-CA an efficient corrector fo Ca and B deficiencies in crops


Horticultural By soil application 15-20 l/Ha. By foliar application 5 cc/l. It is used to prevent Aseptic Apical rotting and corkiness in fruits.
Citrus trees 25 l/Ha by soil application. We recommend treatments at crucial periods as fruit setting, fruit growing and fattening.
Fruit trees

25 l/Ha via soil application. We recommend treatment at crucial times such as during fruit set, fruit bearing and fattening. Application are made to avoid fruit corkiness "Bitter-Pit". Do not spray in plums.


10 l/Ha repeat applications every 10-15 days.


Total Amino Acids 8%w/w
Free Amino Acids 4%w/w
Total Nitrogen 6%w/w
Calcium Oxide (CaO) in water soluble 8%w/w
Boron (B) water soluble 0,2%w/w
Density 1,26gr/cc
pH 6

Do not mix with strong basic reaction products or mixtures containing sulfates, phosphates and carbonates.
In foliar spray do not mix with mineral oils, lime-sulphur mixtures or copper products, except for olive cultivation.
Container: 1 and 5 litres

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