Boron Deficiency

A high stable BORON HYDROXYAMIN complex, prevents and restores boron deficiency, stabilizes and enhances cytoplasm membrane permeability, promote flowering and fertilization (action on pollen germination). Regulates water consumption, increases sugar and starch content (potatoes and beetroots).

Improves sugar transport to the storage organs (beetroot) and grain filling (sunflower, alfalfa) and supports metabolism and phytohormones transport.


Soil 3-5 l/Ha depending on soil nature (ph, Calcium asset content, M.O. etc.) and crop type
Foliar zone  
Beetroot 3-4 l/Ha from 8 leaves state to rows closing; 1-2 applications
Rapeseed 3-4 l/Ha from the begging of vegetation to C2 state

3-4 l/Ha from 3-4 state pairs of leaves to floral bud state E3

Alfalfa, clover

3 l/Ha in 1-2 applications from 10-15 cm state to floral initiation


2l/Ha in vegetative growth stage with enough leaf, to 8-10 days before flowering

Other crops

2-3 l/Ha starting from a sufficient foliar surface. Repeat if it is necessary.


Boron (B) water soluble:  150gr/lt (11,2%w/w)
Boron Chelated based Ethanolamine
Density 1,37gr/cc
pH 7,5

Do not mix with strong oxidizing agents, calcium, copper, aluminium, lime-sulphur, oils, nor acids or any strong bases.
Container: 1 litre

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