Boron Calcium deficiency corrector

A complexed Boron-Calcium combination, with an optimal nutritional balance for both foliar and root absorption. WICA-B is designed for crops especially susceptible to Calcium and Boron deficiencies: BLOSSOM END ROT (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers), necrotic leaf spot (Ctuciferae), BITTER PIT (Apple), TIP-BURN (Strawberry), Heart Rot (beet, celery, carrots), stained fruits (Citrus), CRACKING (stone fruit, etc.)



Foliar application 3cc/l or 5 l/Ha by soil application during high level calcium plant necessity (fruit set and fattening)

Strawberry Foliar application 3 cc/l, preferably at fruit set of different blooms
Stone fruit 3cc/l in three applications, with 80% petal fall, fruit set and at the initiation of fruit stone formation
Apple trees 3cc/l at pre-flowering, fruit set and 20 days before harvest


Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble

Boron (B) water soluble 2%w/w
pH 6-7
Range of stability – complex pH 4-8
Density 1.2g/cc

Do not mix with sulphates, phosphates or mineral acids such as nitric and phosphoric
Do not mix with mineral oils, copper products or others with high alkaline reactions
Container: 1 litres

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