Soil improver strengthener and biostimulant plant growth

WISAN is an organic complex containing amilaceous derivatives and other organic components that cause an alert state against fungal and bacterial attacks in plants. Produce disorganization on pathogen cells structures by osmotic effects. Enhanced effective pathogens control is obtained by synergetic application with others fungicides



3-5 cc/l Well wet the whole plant
Citrus and fruit trees Apply 3cc/l Wet the whole leaf surface area well. Can be applied with conventional fungicides except COPPER


Zinc (Zn) water soluble

1.1% w/w
Manganese (Mn) water soluble 0.65%w/w
Iron (Fe) water soluble 0.25%w/w

It also contains organic extracts

Chelating agent EDTA

Density 1.34gr/cc
pH 7
Stability pH range 3-9

It is compatible with other natural biological and ecological products.
Do not mix with bactericides or antibiotics.
It’s not toxic to plants, animals or human beings.
Store at 4-20oC in an airtight and closed container
Container: 1-5 litres

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